Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Hump Day!  Although, with the majority of the world having only a four-day (if that) work week, maybe that’s not the proper term.  Either way, no SNOW means….


5.) So, no movement yet for Carmelo Anthony, but a much different Nugget roster should be at his disposal tonight, as they look to avenge that tragic loss last week to San Antonio.  With the return of Chauncey Billups, Birdman Anderson and Kenyon Martin, Head Coach George Karl will have a full roster for the first (and maybe ONLY time with an impending trade) all year long.  Make no mistake, this team’s defensive intensity and overall attitude will be strengthened by the 2010-11 debut of KMart.

4.) I guess an “egg-laying” was inevitable after the Colorado Avalanche’s recent run of amazing play and last night it came to fruition at the Pepsi Center, with the home team getting skunked 5-0 at the hands of the Los Angeles Kings.  This was a bit of a “trap game” with their competition, although as has been mentioned in this space before, the Western Conference is so dominant that still only two teams are under .500.  Just one more “tune-up” on the schedule (tomorrow with Minnesota) before the Detroit Red Wings come to town next Monday.  Much mayhem/coverage is sure to follow that game with a large contingency of MHSV followers in the house.

3. Last night in college basketball featured one of the games I circled early in the season, as UNLV traveled to Kansas City to face the Wildcats of Kansas State.  Unfortunately for the purple faithful, stars, Jacob Pullen and Curtis Kelly were not at Head Coach Frank Martin’s disposal.  The tandem was charged with receiving impermissible benefits from a local department store and caused Pullen to be shut-down for 3 games while Kelly’s suspension is still indefinite.  While the player subtraction will surely hinder the ‘Cats in the short-term, it shouldn’t affect either the bulk of Big 12 play or any kind of run come March.  Last night, though, the omissions were apparent, as the Runnin’ Rebels held on a for a 63-59 win that was largely in doubt until a late blocked shot and a 3-pointer by Oscar Bellfield sealed the win for the visitors. 

2. Speaking of Kansas State basketball, is there anyone in the world today that is scarier than this man?  I would not be surprised if President Obama called on Coach Martin for future peace negotiations with world leaders.  Just throw this guy into a room with North Korea’s Kim Jong-il, and watch as the nukes are deactivated.  As Kansas State forward Jamar Samuels put it, in terms of his coach’s now legendary gaze, “You have to treat it like the sun.  Looking at it for more than a few seconds is dangerous to your health.”

1. The Daily Broncos’ Looksie would like to introduce you to North Carolina’s Robert Quinn.  An extremely athletic defensive sack machine, Quinn is capable of playing either as a defensive end (in a 4-3) or as a linebacker (in a 3-4).  With the Broncos’ future defensive scheme still up in the air, this might be a perfect player to consider with what will be their extremely high draft.  Oh yea, this guy did not play college football all year, as the NCAA sat him down for taking benefits/talking with agents, but know that his future on Sundays is as a bright as….. Coach Martin’s stare.  But then again, as it stands now, maybe there are already too many “Quinns” on this team.

PS-It wasn’t until just posting this that I noticed how much NCAA “cheating” was a part of today’s post.  JUST GIVE THE KIDS SOME SPENDING CASH ALREADY!!!

PSS-Huge basketball game tonight in Saint Louis (despite no pro team or college one worth much) as the nationally-ranked Missouri Tigers and the Illinois Fighting Illini face off in their annual Braggin’ Rights game.  A bit of the shine was taken off this game with Illinois’ recent loss to UI-Chicago, but it may just make for a more competitive game in the end. I’m just lucky that I’ll be sitting courtside for this one.

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  1. Have fun in St Louey, YB. Look for that sign that says Rib Tip.....oh, don't wanna go that way.

    Re: the Avs. Considering we have won so many close games recently, losing one big doesn't faze me much. Winning the close ones is what will matter most in compiling points.