Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Is The End for Melo Nearing?

Happy Tuesday.  Quiet sports day around the Mile High City, but plenty to hash up around the sporting landscape.  Let’s go….


5. Although, there was no Nugget on-court action, there was plenty of Carmelo Anthony speculation worth mentioning.  New reports have surfaced regarding Melo’s potential in-season move to New Jersey and some conditions that the 8th-year forward might be mandating.  It seems that Melo isn’t that disenfranchised with the talent of his current teammates (then stay!), as the word is he would want a buddy or two to come along (Al Harrington/ Chauncey Billups/JR Smith are the likely candidates).  This type of roster boost to the Nets franchise would supposedly allow Melo to feel comfortable to sign the contract extension that he had originally balked at. 

In addition, however, there are new players that might not even care whether Melo signs the extension, or not.  Dudes like Dallas Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban might be willing to make Melo a rental player, in hopes of making a run this year at the Los Angeles Lakers.  And this year’s Mavs team is built to win already (see their road win last night over the streaking Miami Heat) so by adding a piece like Melo would have to strike fear in the hearts of Laker fans worldwide.

And finally, might the Orlando Magic be still a part of the “MELO”-drama?  With all of their recent activity of moving pieces, they might have just been putting the parts in place to make a move at Melo.  Although, I am not sure that bringing in Gilbert Arenas or Earl Clark is going to help out much here.  These last two options aren’t going to be as attractive to Denver (and therefore less likely), as they would not include the desired high-end draft picks, rather those of teams that are finishing near the top of the league.

4. I talked about it and the league delivered!  Last night we saw an instant match-up between yesterday’s topic of Kevin Love’s Minnesota Timberwolves and Blake Griffin’s Los Angeles Clippers.  The TWolves were no match for the high energy play of Blake, Eric Gordon and Baron Davis, as the Clippers raced out to a big lead and held on for their now third (!) win in a row.  The match-up of the two young power forwards did not actually live up to expectations, as Love was largely ineffective offensively (12 points/10 rebounds) while Blake caught alley-oop after alley-oop from Davis.  Seriously, I think there might have been a half-dozen of those two hooking up, with a gem that Davis launched at a weird angle from half-court that Blake calmly flushed with seeming ease.  Blake’s passing was again on display in the 113-90 win as his line of 22/10/7 assists was impressive in its own right.  These two guys remain at the top of the league in not only double-doubles but consecutive ones as they both earned their 16th straight.

3. No Avalanche hockey but plenty of NHL action on last night’s docket.  Sidney Crosby’s mustache kept his point streak alive at 21 straight in a Pittsburgh Penguins’ win.  The Northwest Division is again a knotted-up affair as the Vancouver Canucks tied the Avs at 42 points (but the Canucks still have two games in hand) and the Minnesota Wild beat the Calgary Flames.

2. Still no real good college games of substance (OH, but they’re coming) as Duke UConn and Syracuse all rolled over inferior competition.  Memphis had another battle on their hands (this time with Texas A&M-Corpus Christi) and the freshman-heavy team held on for a 5-point win.  Memphis’ own, Joe Jackson (Head Coach Josh Pastner’s biggest signing to date) scored a career-high 23 points to lead the Tigers.  Unfortunately, there was one casualty on the evening, as the Florida Gators lost to the Dolphins of Jacksonville U. for their second loss in-state to a lower level program (other was Central Florida).

Locally, there was a northern Colorado battle as the Colorado State Rams took down their neighbors from Greeley, beating the Bears of UNC, 75-61.

1. Regardless of the health status of Kyle Orton, the Denver Broncos staff has named Tim Tebow the starter for the remaining two games of the season.  Personally, I would love to see Coach Studs take off the reigns a little bit, throw out the majority of those 3rd-and-long runs and let him be a quarterback.  I am certain that if this occurs, we will have a lot better idea on this kid’s future.  As they say, QB’s make their money on 3rd down.

PS-Yes, I know that Tebow’s 40-yard touchdown run was on a 3rd-and-long called run.  Oh, and offensive line!  Feel free to give the kid a few seconds to throw the ball.


  1. Based on last Sunday's defensive performance, I don't care where the Broncos pick, but they better go defense. Enough of the Luck talk, I love the kid but we need studs on defense. Love the baby Avs.

  2. No mention of Cutler and Da Bears? This is an outrage! Maybe you are still too sad over the demise of the packers.

  3. Ditka! You have me mistaken for someone else, as I couldn't care less about the Packers. It has been a decade-plus since I held anything but disdain for every team not named, 'The Denver Broncos.'

    And I did mention #6 yesterday, but that was hoping that he would get flattened on some rock-hard tundra.

  4. If you don't love Ralph Lawler, then you don't have a pulse. His "Oh me oh my" after that alley oop was classic Lawler. Based on the score, it sounds like Lawler's law came in to play as well.