Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Busy Hump Day (12-8-10)

Hello to all this fine day!  Temps in Denver will be in the 60s and Hawkins and McDaniels are no longer coaching here.  I think there should be plenty of smiles around the Mile High City.  Unfortunately, though, our indoor sporting teams had a rough evening, so…..


5. The Denver Nuggets’ habit of sloppy stretches of play (this time in the first half) finally caught up to them last night in Charlotte, as their 7-game winning streak was snapped, losing 100-98.  Head Coach George Karl missed out on getting his 1000 career win as an NBA Coach, but his team did fight hard to the last buzzer.  Down 8 with just over a minute remaining, the Nuggets stormed back, forced a miss and took possession down 2 with 7 seconds left.  Instead of calling a time-out and setting up a play to get (MELO) a last-second shot, Chauncey Billups raced down the court, lost control, then regained but missed a baseline pull-up.  The Nuggets have a far greater challenge tonight as they play the Celtics on ESPN (5PM MST).

4. While one streak was broken, another one was continued as the Avalanche lost their fourth straight, this time in FLA, 4-3.  Matty Duchene put the Avs up 3-2 early in the 3rd period and with 6th goal in 7 games.  Hippie Johnnie also notched another goal and tied himself with Adam Foote with most points by a Colorado defenseman.  For some odd reason, though, I am relaying all of this stuff through an AP report; this game was no where to be found on my “sports-heavy” DirecTV package.  The weird Southeast hockey road trip continues on Friday in the ATL.  I wonder what Canadians and Europeans would do with two off days in a city like Atlanta.?.?  I bet that would make a funny reality show.

3. Some nice Jimmy V Classic action last night from Madison Square Garden.  Two great games on paper turned out to be not as outstanding as neither was closely contested in the second half.  Kansas ran away from the Memphis Tigers with a huge start (and more talent) to the second half and Syracuse was impressive in their dismantling of a seasoned Michigan St. team.  Yes, yes, yes….. Carl.  There was another ranked team in action last night!  Purdue beat their hated cross-state rival from Valparaiso.  GO VALPO!

Locally, tonight, the Rammies will take the short drive south to Boulder as the state’s top universities face off in at the Coors Event Center.  (8PM MST on FSN)

2. The Daily Broncos Looksie would like you to meet Nick Fairley of Auburn.  While his quarterback has received much of the national attention for this title-contending team, this 6-5 300-pound is a big reason why the Tigers remain unbeaten.  Yes, he does have a reputation of being a tad on the “dirty side,” (and the YouTube videos to prove it) but the last time I checked, this was still football.  Or kind of football if you are James Harrison or our own DJ Williams (that cheap shot call on DJ last week was out of this world, idiotic).  Fairley is usually lined up inside the tackles but was able to get 11 sacks in 12 games.  That’s nice.  I like.  I need to find us some linebackers next……..  I hear Clay Matthews has a little brother at Oregon…..

1. More and more I am hearing about the importance of the Broncos establishing a “face of the franchise” almost more so than getting the next coach.  John Elway has been on board with the team (working in finances/marketing with Joe Ellis) since JMcD was hired, and it seems that his return to the organization in a more formal role is imminent.  I have also heard talk of #7 purchasing a minority stock in the team, in addition to a possible role as VP of Operations/General Manager.  Seriously, if Elway was to be hired in such a manner, I think the legion of soured Broncomaniacs (and there are plenty of them around) would have a whole different take on things.  Now, they just have to find a coach.

PS-Speaking of which, I hear that AFA head coach Troy Calhoun has pulled his name out of the running already.  That dude must really like working at the Academy, as you would assume the former Broncos assistant and Shanny disciple would have fancied a chance to run this team.

PSS- I am also hearing Stanford’s Jim Harbaugh as a possible replacement.  HHHmmmm….. Elway, Stanford, Harbaugh…..hmmmmm….. are they gonna try to make a move to the #1 pick here???? 

PSSS-I’m calling it here, first.  Earlier this week, I talked about the Chicago Bears (CUTLER) having an early and painful exit once the playoffs started.  Now I am not so certain they will even make the playoff.  With home games against New England, NYJets, and road divisional ones at Green Bay and Minnesota left on the schedule, I could see a 9-7 finish.  I guess, aside from my disdain for the QB, the wins against Detroit (twice), Carolina, Buffalo and Dallas aren’t that impressive.


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