Sunday, December 12, 2010

Friday!!!!! (12-10-10)

I can’t help it….. “It’s Friday!…!…” 
No, no, I’ll stop…. “You ain’t got no job!…!….”
Happy Friday and I hope that this message finds everyone in good health and spirit.

Too good of a day to think otherwise.


5. It was an off night for the Pepsi Center teams, but the Avalanche are in Atlanta to face the Thrashers tonight.  The team is currently in 2nd place in the Northwest (although, they’d be in last place in either of the other Western Conference divisions).  Damn!  There are only two Western Conference teams that are below .500!?!?! 

The 13-8 Nuggets are in Toronto to play the Raptors and currently sit in 3rd place in the Northwest Division.  I have a sneaky suspicion that by the end of this calendar year, we will know something concrete about this whole Carmelo Anthony contract (hostage) situation.

4. As was briefly discussed yesterday, it appears the Colorado Rockies are trying to keep their two studs in the Coors Field stables for years to come.  Just two full seasons into his professional career, Carlos Gonzalez is about to be offered a contract extension in the 6-7 year/$100-120 million range.  For a guy that was voted MLB MVP by the players, won a Gold Glove, the NL batting title, the Silver Slugger and was 3rd in the MVP voting, getting this deal done would seem prudent, now.  Mainly because, I would imagine he would prefer to make about $15 million rather than the $494,000 he is scheduled to make.  Then, again, his agent is Scott Boras, so…….

Seriously, if they lock up Tulo, Jorge de la Rosa and CarGo (not to mention the quiet Ty Wigginton signing) in the same off-season, the Monforts should be eternally removed from the city of Denver’s collective sports “shit list.”

3. Just a few games of relevance last night in college hoops.  Around 9:15 MST, ESPN and ESPN2 had almost simultaneous great finishes with Temple beating Georgetown (FACE Marshall!) and Xavier holding off Butler in an Elite 8 rematch form a year ago.  Oh, for Squints’ sake, Ohio State had to make a second-half comeback to beat the immortal, IUPUI last night behind a 40-Dog from freshman man-child, Jared Sullinger.

2. Colorado University’s new coaching staff (which added former bookend linebacker Kanavis McGhee) is out and about on the recruiting trail.  As was speculated here a couple weeks back, the program has added former CU assistant Greg Brown as their new defensive coordinator.  As Brown’s legendary father would say, “this HIGH FIVE is terrible!......I’m gonna walk off this show!...... I need to talk to you!..... TIME OUT!”  (That will make complete sense to some of you, total nonsense to others.)

In addition, CU left tackle and local US-285 Buena Vista neighbor, Nate Solder was named the Big 12’s offensive lineman of the year to go along with an All-American mention.  See you on Sundays next year, big fella.

1. I am not usually a fan of the Denver Post’s Mark Kizla, but no crap, dude.  NO CRAP!

PS- Our cheap-shottin’/post-whistle spearin’ friend from Auburn took home some hardware last night: a Lombardi trophy for the best lineman in the nation.


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