Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy Friday (12-03-10)

IT’S FRIDAY!  “You ain’t got no job…..”  (I couldn’t resist.)


5. The NBA last night was all about LeBron James’ return to Cleveland.  There was some pretty funny/rude stuff being chanted/displayed by the outrageously scorned Cleveland fan base.  Poor Cleveland, though, their team is pretty thin on talent and their former idol came bank and punked them to the tune of 38 points (in just the first 3 quarters).  Well, I guess the city can always hang their hat on that larcenist Peyton Hills/Brady Quinn trade.

4. A quiet night in the NHL’s Northwest Division, as only Edmonton played.  The Oil put a 5-0 thumping on the Great White North’s hockey royalty in the Toronto Maple Leafs.  The Avs are in Carolina tonight!

3. FIFA announced yesterday that the United States lost out on the 2022 World Cup bid to the nation of Qatar.  Wow.  Aside from the logistics of a Muslim nation that has a ban on alcohol and basic women’s rights, hosting a World Cup, it just kinda stinks, as Denver was already chosen as one of the US’s site cities had we won the bid.  With Qatar (Cutter?) and Russia (2018) being named, FIFA is obviously trying to prove that they can hold a World Cup about anywhere.  Next up?  The 2026 World Cup in Borneo!

2. Some good, exciting late night games in the PAC-10/Big 12 challenge.  UCLA hit a 3-pointer with just seconds remaining (seemingly sending the game into overtime) to tie the Kansas Jayhawks.  Fortunately for the Allen Field house faithful (and their 393-game winning streak), the home side got a pretty suspect call as the buzzer sounded; they made the free throw; game over.  My boys from Mizzou got off to a huge 20-point half-time lead in Eugene over the Ducks, and then held on late for the win.  In addition, that game was an absolute track meet and a pleasure for those that enjoy the ABA-style pace (ie ME).

1. The Daily Broncos Looksie would like to introduce you to Alabama’s Marcell Dareus.  The Mel Kiper Jrs/Todd McShays of the world state that the lineman could play effectively in either a 3-4 or 4-3 system and is equally adept at stopping the run and pushing the pocket from the interior position.  Sounds good to me!

PS-Tiger has the early lead at the Chevron with a -7 first-round.  He’s back!!!! Well, maybe…. It is hard, however, to believe that he was 7 strokes better than the immortal, NWizzle.

PSS-A major congratulations are in order for Hi5 contributor, Allen Hopkins, who was just named to the Westmont College (alma mater to at least three of our readers) Board of Trustees.  Wow!  We got a big-timer in our midst!  Again, congrats to you, my friend and go Warriors!

PSSS-Am I going to see Blake tonight?  Hell ya!  I’m taking the family, too!


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