Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thursday (12-2-10)

An early AM need for diapers and milk turned into a full-on grocery stop which led to an extremely tardy High Five.  Lots to get to, so without further groveling….


5. Despite bringing in a 3-game losing streak versus the Milwaukee Bucks, the Denver Nuggets battled through a half-time deficit and a 3rd-quarter ejection of Carmelo Anthony to win their fifth in a row, 105-94.  As was the case in the Nugs’ recent win over Phoenix, the bench came through big.  Backing up the extremely positive play by Nene (24/9r) and Chauncey Billups (16/9a), was the bench pairing of JR Smith and Al Harrington.  Oddly enough, JR’s recent string of solid play comes on the heels of another one of his “benching for knuckleheadedness” which went down about two weeks ago.  George Karl implored the precocious guard to not worry about scoring, but focus on rebounding of all things?!?!?  It sure has worked.  This also illustrates the perfect portrayal of what an NBA coach “really does.”  Not so much the strategy or the X’s/O’s, rather, the handling of egos.  Coach has him a real doozy in Earl Smith Jr.  For the record, JR’s stats before the benching were just 8 PPG and 3RPG and since (all five wins), are right at about 15 PPG and 6 RPG.  (That’s about double for all you mathletes!)  Hell, the kid has averaged exactly 10 rebounds/game over the past 3 games.

The Nuggets are off tonight, but the Hi5’s man-crush, Blake Griffin visits the Can on Friday.  This was what he was up to last night.  (If you have time, read the game recap and watch the highlights.)  Needless to say, I might have to use my SLAM credentials for that game!  Oh, and for the record, we have spoken before, right here.

4. No Avalanche hockey to review, but there were 4 NHL games with at least 8 goals.  Minnesota and Calgary lost, but Edmonton (irrelevant, anyway) and Vancouver snatched victories.  The Canucks regained their divisional lead with the 7-2 schlacking they put on their next-door neighbors, over there in South Alberta, there.  Another off-day today for the Avalanches, before trekking down to Tobacco Road to play Coach K and…. wait, sorry, to play the Hurricanes.

3. An interesting night of college ball, as some top-flight teams struggled to get wins, one got beat, others cruised and the game of the night was better than even I thought it would be.  Duke held a solid advantage for most of the game (thanks to freshman Kyrie Irving’s 31) and held off a scrappy MSU (are there Spartan teams that aren’t scrappy?), winning at home 84-79.  The Florida Gators lost to MJ Jr. and the vaunted Central Florida Knights.  It took overtime for both Purdue and Memphis to pull out wins and the ranked Mountain West trio of BYU, UNLV and San Diego State all won in impressive fashion.  **Watch out for at least one of these teams come March!  I’m just not sure, right now, which one will be “ready” to make a move into the tournament’s second week.**

2. Over the last couple of months, I have become a big fan of the Noon-3PM show on 87.7 The Ticket starring Charles Johnson (the OG CJ) and Joel Klatt.  Two former CU quarterbacks talking lots of football, but recently have been focused on the going-ons up in Boulder.  Both are super-connected (hell, CJ is even an Assistant AD, or an Assistant to the Regional Manager) and yesterday they were all but saying that it would be either Eric Bienemy or Jon Embree taking over.  (I guess, so did the Denver Post, this morning.) Either way, it seems apparent that either guy will have similar staffs (probably including the other, Greg Beickert, Kanavis McGhee) and that Irv Brown’s (of Irv & Joe) son, Greg, will be inserted as the defensive coordinator.  Sweet.  TIME OUT!

1. The Daily Broncos Looksie will stay steadfast in the “relevance” of the remainder of the season.  I really wish that this KC rematch meant more, but I will cheer and wear my jersey(s) regardless of record.  You won’t find me channel surfing on Week 18 and my beloved Donkeys sitting on 3-12.  Although I am already looking ahead to any potential Top 5 caliber defensive linemen that we might draft.  My scout out in California (aka my father-in-law) has mentioned there is a kid from Clemson that might be in our sights.  More on him and other possible draftees in the near future.

PS-I have always admired, enjoyed and partially emulated, ESPN’s Bill Simmons aka the Sports Guy.  But his recent piece (which is, of course, awesome) is one that reeks of the types of pieces that I will be putting up once my blog launches.  For the record, my IT team (aka my wife) and I are now ironing out the proper platform (Blogger v. Word Press) for the launch!  Stay posted and have a great Thursday!

PSS- The East Dillon Lions’ game last night will be recapped later in the week, through the magic of the digital video recorder.


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