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Monday High Ten that's all about CU/UCSB?!?! (11-22-10)

For the first time in NASCAR history, a driver that was trailing coming into the last race…… Oh wait.  No, no, no.  I’m sorry.  A weekend of Denver wins (can we get one more tonight?) must take precedence!  The Mrs. and our eldest child are getting a little Cali time in the Santa Barbara-area, so it is just me and the wee one around the homestead for a couple of days.  With titles being crowned last night, let’s go…


10. The city of Denver can celebrate another championship and its first ever MLS Cup, as the Rapids battled hard last night, coming back from a 1-0 halftime deficit to beat FC Dallas 2-1 in overtime.  Not the prettiest of games (Brazilians would have taken issue with this choppy, physical game played at night in the arctic temps of Canada) as the game-winner was scored on a deflected own-goal with just minutes remaining in the second 15-minute overtime period.  Earlier, the equalizer was scored midway through the second half by Denver’s own, Conor Casey, on a scramble in front of the net that the South High-grad was able to toe-poke home.  I’ve said this going back to last spring, but Casey was a big omission from the USA’s 2010 World Cup side.  He was exactly what the team lacked: a big strong, aggressive, sniper with a knack for scoring goals.  To use a hockey analogy, think John LeClair.  Going forward, I hope that much of this team can stay intact, however, there are already rumors swirling around about the departure of the dynamic Jamaican forward, Omar Cummings, to the big boy leagues in Europe. CONGRATS RAPIDS!!!

9. The Denver Nuggets played their fourth sloppy game, were again unable to put away an inferior opponent in the fourth quarter, but still held on to beat the New Jersey Nets on Saturday night, 107-103.  Where are Kenyon Martin and Birdman?  We could really use their toughness and defense around Pepsi Center.  The Nuggets are in the Bay Area tonight to face an exciting Golden State Warrior team.  (So, Mrs. LaLa Anthony, what’ll it be?)

8. While the Nuggets struggle for consistency (despite a veteran roster), the nubile Avalanche have no such issues, getting the double-dip of weekend wins.  The Avs got goals from five different players on Friday, en route to a 5-1 win over the New York Rangers.  Then just 24 hours later, the weary Avs (6th game in 9 nights) jumped out to a 3-goal lead, which they would squander, only to take the game 4-3 in a shootout.  After 2 goals by the elder statesman, Milan Hejduk and another by The Locker, it was the opportunistic Kevin Porter netting the winning penalty shot.  Did I neglect to refer to this team, as the Northwest Divisional leading, Colorado Avalanche?  A thousand apologies.  Canucks, we’ll see you later this week.

7. After a second strong post (Dan)-Hawkins era-outing for the Colorado Buffaloes, current interim-Brian Cabral must be gaining steam as a viable long-term candidate.  The dude has the kids energized and their (again, not televised, LAME) win over Kansas State was impressive, to say the least.  If the Buffs are able to pull off the big upset in Lincoln this Friday and become bowl eligible, I’d have no problem giving Cabral the gig.  It kinda sucks that this team probably should have won 8-9 games this year. (I’m thinking Kansas, Baylor, Texas Tech, for starters.)

6. Staying with the state's flagship university in Boulder, new head basketball coach Tad Boyle lost a heart breaker on Saturday night to USanFran.  Up 2 with just seconds left, the Buffs were unable to procure the defensive rebound, instead giving up a put-back that tied the score with 2 seconds left.  A timeout to set-up a last-second play was called, but alas, no time-outs remained for CU. TECHNICAL foul called!  2 USF free-throws later, game over, 83-81.  Tragic.

The NCAA game of the year, so far, is tonight at 7:30 MST on ESPN2, as my Zags travel to Manhattan (the Kansas one) to take on the #3-ranked Wildcats from Kansas State.  Oh yea, my Brown Bears got a win this weekend over Sacred Heart (yes, that is a college and not an all-girls boarding school.)

5. With all that is going on Boulder, there is some solace in knowing that at least, things aren’t as bad as what’s going on in South Bend, Indiana.  The on-going joke that is Notre Dame football has gone from hilariously rewarding to tragically depressing.  Mired in the middle of another dismal season on the field and just a couple weeks removed from the passing of a student video manager that was blown off of a scaffolding, comes news that a female student that had reported being sexually assaulted by a member of the football team committed suicide just days later.  Sketchy to say the least as the university and program are compounding the problem by refusing to comment.  It makes the Dan Hawkins-led win-loss records and that whole Gary Barnett/Katie Neida-scandal seem real tame in comparison.

4. Dancing With the Stars finale is tonight!  With so much “real” sports to watch tonight (and with complete control over the remote) this week’s dancing action might have to get shelved until later this week.  For the record, I’m going with (Cory in the House) Kyle Massey for the win.  Bristol and Sarah will just have to be happy and go back home to Alaska.  (Sarah would stay there if Babs Bush had anything to say about it.  You go girl!)


3. So, the Patriots/Colts rivalry is still pretty good, Michael Vick is still really good and Brett Favre is…. not so much.  Looks like it time for the “Old Gunslinger” to head back to Mississippi and hang up the six-shooters, for good.  As a diehard Packer fan (let’s call her J. Buenning or Jeannie B) stated last night, “I lost more respect for Brett.”

Oh, and this just in, the New York Jets are lucky.  As all hell.

2. AFC West Round-Up.  The divisional games went pretty much as expected yesterday as Kansas City (now 6-4) beat Arizona at Arrowhead, while the Raiders (5-5) went to Pittsburgh and go absolutely pounded.  The Chiefs (Seattle) and Chargers (Indy) have road games next week, so a Bronco win tonight would be HUGE.

1. Speaking of which!  The Daily Broncos Looksie wants to know which Bronco team will show up tonight at Jack Murphy?  The hapless, listless, punching bags we saw versus Oakland or the fast-starting, aggressive in the trenches, mouth-punchers that tore up KC last week?  It’s a bit cliché to say, but true, that it all starts up front.  If the “finally-healthy” offensive line can make some more space for Knowshawn, I expect a positive outcome in the Whale’s Vagina.  Prediction?  Make mine 28-24 Broncos.

PS-As my family’s plane circled the airport in Santa Barbara this weekend, the Mrs. pointed out UCSB and the illustrious hamlet of Isla Vista, to our daughter.  While she has already expressed a desire to attend college in California (Stanford, right?), our 4-year-old exclaimed, “I want to go to college, there!”  A Gauchette?  I’d be cool with that.

PSS-In keeping with Gaucho news (shout-outs to our UCSB grads in attendance), the UCSB soccer team was eliminated, after giving up a late lead to Cal in the NCAA tournament’s second round.  I guess the dream of hosting and winning the tournament in the same year is now gone…… (cough, cough, Jerry Jones). 




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