Sunday, December 12, 2010


Gütën mörgën!  Happy Friday to all!  (Some of you may see that I am keeping those FRIDAY movie lines in the bank for later, hard to resist, however.)  I want to start by giving a shout-out to the Das Booters.  I’m sorry that I was unable to attend the banquet last night; it started with being in the city earlier in the afternoon for work, then back up the mountain for a preschool pick-up.  Then later, I was in-and-out of sleep for much of the early evening on the couch and retired to the bedroom long before any of you were probably even contemplating leaving Charlie Browns.  So much of last night’s sporting action was DVRed and watched at O’dark-hundred this morning. 

DAS BOOT! (I know that is an old post, but if nothing else, it illustrates the need for a Das Boot blog/site)

For my boys….


5. "And know here we have it from the broken record department. AGAIN, the Denver Nuggets entered the 4th quarter with a lead and AGAIN for the second time in 3 games, they were unable to hold it down.  Last night, the defeat came in the form of an 86-83 loss at Portland.  Carmelo Anthony, AGAIN, struggled from the floor (that’s 3 straight games, AGAIN) and couldn’t get much help down the stretch as they could only muster 13 4th quarter points.  With consistent shooting and effort, those 3 games should have all been wins.  A mediocre 6-6 record (in arguably the league’s best division) is where they stand now.  At my early-season, cursory glance, I’d say the intensity and defense of Kenyon Martin and Birdman Anderson looks more needed than ever!  Weekend action for the Nugs just involves hosting the New Jersey Nets at home on Saturday.  YAAAAWWWWWNNNNN….. 

4. "They scored, again!?!?!"  No Avalanche hockey last night, but I can talk about the number of NHL games that had at least 15 goals scored.  Say, what?  Completely ignoring the impressive 9 goals scored in the Dallas/San Jose game, Tampa Bay and Philly went all Golden State Warriors and combined for the aforementioned 15 tallies!  John (errr, Steven) Stam(k)os had 12 goals on the night (or maybe just 3G/2A).  The Lightning won 8-7 and the 20-year-old is flat-out lighting up the scoreboard, as the league’s leading scorer.  (If you didn't click that link above, do so now!  The highlight goal is ridiculous.) The Avs host the New York Rangers tonight before traveling down south for a Saturday game in Dallas against the Stars.

3. College Hoops Corner.  Tons of action both locally and nationally last night.  ‘Round these parts, CSU took down the DU Pios by 10 in the city and the AFA somehow lost the Colorado Springs derby against the DIII Colorado College Tigers.  The national headliner saw Texas beat Illinois in overtime at Madison Square Garden (SORRY, CHUCK).  As a side note, both teams are involved in some of my recent SLAM pitches, so they are on the “Cub Scouts” radar, big time.  I currently have a story on a player from West Virginia, so I will surely be watching the Moutaineers (a team I took in live last New Year’s Day at Purdue) this morning (10:30 AM MST ESPNU) as they play Vanderbilt in Puerto Rico.

2. The College Football Annex.  Between job searches in Boulder, Cam Newton scandals in the SEC, it would have been easy to have missed “my team’s” final regular season game.  But, I didn’t.  Slipped in on a bizarre Thursday night/non-ESPN game, was the Air Force Academy’s contest with the Runnin’ Rebels of UNLV.  A late start and a CBS College Sports Network broadcast almost tricked me, but I caught the beginning last night and the second half, early this morning.  Not the best game for the Zoomies, but they did erase a 10-point 2nd quarter deficit before pulling away and winning 35-20.  An 8-4 regular season ain’t too shabby considering their mix of inferior talent and impressive schedule.  I would never belittle a cadet, but they generally play teams that never even recruited any of the AFA players.  This motivational tidbit is something that Head Coach Troy Calhoun (next Houston Texan coach?) uses on a regular basis.  Aside from getting kinda blown out by TCU (which happened to a lot of teams this year), the other 3 losses were by a combined 10 points.  Their opponents in that trio were Oklahoma, Utah and San Diego State (damn, those Aztecs).  Looks like it will be the Las Vegas Bowl or the Independence Bowl for the Falcons.  Squints, are you up for another trip to the freshness of Shreveport/Bossier City?

1. Daily Bronco Looksie/AFC West Round-Up The AFC West puts forth a HUGE weekend for this foursome of teams.  With no Sunday Bronco game, I will be very interested in the Kansas City/Arizona and Oakland/Pittsburgh games.  I know I will get the Raider game on CBS, but why am I not getting AZ(NFC) @ KC(AFC), which usually should be a FOX game, no?  Hey FOX morons, (no, not you guys), not everyone cares about the Brett Favre Bowl.  More on the Broncos/Chargers is sure to come on Monday’s HIGH TEN.                                      

PS-Sunday night might see another professional title brought back to Denver!  Despite the fact that ESPN is reporting that the game is here in Denver, Toronto will be the site for the 2010 MLS Cup as the Rapids face FC Dallas.

A fun, safe weekend to all.


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