Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thursday High Five (11-18-10)

After a week or so of wintry temperatures in Colorado; the mercury is again, on the rise.  I love the snow and winter and all, but the best “winter” days are those that make you want to go golfing or drink beer.  I meant, AND drink beer.

Let’s keep it up HIGH!!!!

5. No Nuggets game last night, but tons of NBA.  The experiment in Miami is still “under construction” but DWade and the LeBronettes got an easy win last night.  Northwest Divisional foes, the Oklahoma City Thunder and Utah Jazz both won, making tonight’s game in Portland all that more relevant, even if it is still just mid-November.  If the last two games are any indication of a trend forming, then I can’t imagine tonight’s game going well for the Nugs.  It’s kind of weird watching the Blazers at times as they roll out both Marcus Camby and Andre Miller.  I get a bit of a kick each time they throw that lob from the top of the key.  Honestly, that play from Miller to Camby was the Nuggets’ best half-court set offense a few years back.  Also, as has become the custom, the Blazers will be without the services of Greg Oden’s knees, as they will go back under the knife, again, for the dreaded “microfracture.”

4. An amazing come-from-behind victory for the Avs last night, as they rolled off 3 unanswered goals to beat San Jose, 4-3 in overtime.  Recently recalled center, Kevin Porter tallied the winner on breakaway in the extra time, giving the 2008 Hobey Baker Award winner already 4 goals in 6 games since being brought up from Lake Erie.  Chris Stewart (an absolutely amazing player) and Paul Stasny (not too shabby either) netted the two 3rd period goals and rookie, Kevin Shattenkirk got his first career NHL goal which knotted the score at 1-1 of the first period.  In related news, those dastardly Vancouver Canucks lost, so we got that going for us…….which is nice.

3. The University of Colorado coaching search continues, as the university announced its “search committee” yesterday.  Of course, it is made up of a bunch of administration and faculty-types.  Seems curious, as it would make more sense to include individuals that actually have an idea about the obstacles a Head Football Coach would face at CU.  My committee would be made up of Alfred Williams, Joel Klatt, Charles Johnson, Chauncey Billups, Ceal Barry and Marshall Carpenter. Oh, and this guy, too.

2. The Ivy League Hoops Corner!  With a slow night of “wow” NCAA games, we can spotlight the ultra-competitive “Ancient Eight.”  Last year’s Sweet 16 darlings from Cornell University have lost a lot of their production from last year’s 29-win team.  Their head coach went to Boston College, but the new team is off to a good start.  However, like every other team in the league, they have suffered an early season loss (Seton Hall).  My Brown Bears are off to a 1-1 start with a win over Fordham and a loss to our in-state rivals from down south in the University of Rhode Island Rams.  Harvard’s Jeremy Lin graduated but is making his money quicker than many of his classmates, as he is cutting NBA checks with his hometown Golden State Warriors.  That must make him like the first Ivy baller since….like Bill Bradley.  (Note-I am kidding about that last line.  They have been a few others.)

1. The Daily Bronco Looksie!  Does Denver actually have a really strong defense?  If you ignore some brutal outings by the defensive unit and spotlight their performances against the NFL’s best running teams, you might think they actually were an elite defense.  Consider their work against Tennessee (Chris Johnson), Kansas City (Jamal Charles/Thomas Jones) and the New York Jets (LDT/Shon Green).  The first two opponents did very little on the ground and before a 4th quarter touchdown scamper by Tomlinson, neither had the Jets.  Oddly (or maybe not) enough, the first two turned into impressive wins and the other would have been, if not for the pass-interference screwgie at the end of the game.

PS-Jarvis Moss?  Ba-Bye.  We hardly knew you.  At least in a sack/tackle-generating sense.

PSS-Sorry, for no East Dillon High School football recaps. Last night’s hockey took precedent. 

PSSS-Das Banquet tonight at Charlie Brown’s.   Now, that is a team that is sure to garner some High Five attention once they retake the diamond again next spring.

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