Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Return of the High Five (11-9-10)

***Let’s start the return of the High Five off with some big local news!*** 


5.) Hawk Love is finally over in Boulder.  Well, at least officially.  Losers of five straight, which was punctuated by the epic collapse this past Saturday to a truly abysmal Kansas Jayhawk team, Head Coach Dan Hawkins and his 19-39 record have been “pink slipped.”  Former CU linebacker and associate Head Coach Brian Cabral takes over for the rest of the year and oddly enough, will probably never be mentioned as a long-term solution.  Let the Eric Bienemy, Bill McCartney and Dave Logan rumors run rampant!  In my opinion, just let Logan take over, Mac will surely be around and let EB chase his pro dreams (he’s gonna be a big-time Offensive Coordinator in the near future.)

“Mike Bohn, the dude with the leather mask and huge axe wants to see you next.”

Here we come, PAC-12!

4.) The Nuggets lost a late 4th quarter lead in Chicago and fell to the Bulls by just two points, 94-92.  The Bulls are easily my 2nd favorite team with Derrick Rose and Yannick Noah as exciting players to watch.  This Carmelo Anthony situation is really getting tricky, because he is arguably playing the best ball he has played in his 7 years in Denver.  Controlled, unassuming, dominate (at times), but efficient.  Last night’s line of 32 points (50% from floor) and 8 rebounds is exactly would will turn into a lot of Nugget wins both in the regular season and into the playoffs.  Nene finally came back (leaving Kenyon and Birdman still in street clothes) so the front-court is slowly but surely returning.  Not a day goes by that my opinion on Melo and his future in Denver doesn’t change.  (A large post on this is sure to be in the works.)

3.) NCAA hoops are back!  Pittsburgh/URI started things and ended up being a pretty good game.  I missed most of the game due to late work/early East Coast start, but Pitt is a team to watch come March.  I’ll be giving bracket insider information all year long.  KEEP NOTES PEOPLE!  In other college news, the Gonzaga Bulldogs did not play. (Former High Five readers understand this random sentence.)

2.) Dancing With The Stars has returned this season into my life.  (It’s called a happy trade-off to the mountain of sports viewing that the Mrs. has endured over our past decade together.)  I am still clueless as to how the emotionless statue from Alaska is still around.  I guess, it kind of speaks to how real Bristol Palin’s mother’s national appeal, truly is.  That scares me.  The judges were bonkers for how good the “instant dances” went for the five remaining contestants.  I still like Moesha as she just seems to care more than the others (Jennifer Grey’s continuing psychosis, aside.)  The Mrs. loves Kurt Warner and his RED-haired partner. 

More DWTS talk to surely follow tomorrow after tonight’s result show.  The Roots are on, so hopefully they play their Family song from Yo Gabba Gabba.

1.) The Daily Broncos’ Looksie!  I’m not giving up yet.  2-6, yes, but they have a good chance to steady the rocky vessel with a home game this week against Kansas City.  I spoke with Squints about this last night, but two plays different (sounding a bit like Coach Hawkins there, I know) and this would be a 4-4 team and optimism would abound.  (Pass interference v. NYJets and bizarre Knowshawn chop-block on the flea-flicker v. San Fran.)  The NFL’s leading receiver, Brandon Lloyd again is super Pro-Josh in his weekly radio show.  He has always said that Josh knows what he is doing and brings a Super Bowl plan every week.  “Players just aren’t making enough plays!”

I kinda agree. 

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