Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tuesday High Five (11-18-10)

Very early morning tending to our youngest (she loves getting up at 4 AM for some reason) but have been slow to transfer these words from the paper to the keyboard. 


(Inserts Folgers black coffee IV)

Okay, much better.  Tons of sports/dancing action on a Monday night, so without further adieu.

I’m DOWN low……

5. Because the local basketball team decided to mail in the second half of a game they should have won by 20.  The Nuggets led through the first half, enjoyed a 12-point lead at halftime, but could only muster 36 points the rest of the way, allowing the Phoenix Suns to steal a win, 100-94.  The Suns were coming off a late night, hard-fought win over the Lakers and came out as sluggish as expected.  However, their first-half futility was matched by the Nuggets’ second-half crappiness.  Despite setting a career best in rebounding with 22 boards, Carmelo Anthony had a tough night shooting the rock.  I have always put forth the notion that Melo should get 10 boards a night, in his sleep.  I think this year, with all that is swirling around him; his desire to prove that he IS a franchise player will push him to have more nights like last night’s.  Any way you slice it, a bad loss.  Melo’s long-rumored “next team,” the New York Knicks, come to Denver tonight.

4. While the Nuggets were “chilled out” in the desert, the Colorado Avalanche were melting the Pepsi Center ice getting six goals en route to a 6-3 win over the St. Louis Blues (one of two NHL games last night with at least 9 goals).  Goals came early for defenseman, John-Michael Liles and then two second-period tallies were scored within seconds of each other to cement the game.  “The Locker” and Brandon Yip put the game on…. (ice?) with those goals and Matt Duchene was active despite still being a bit “snakebit” around the net.  The second-year wunderkind went all “Sidney Crosby” and threw down for his first scrap since juniors.  Some actual good news on the Avs’ health-front: Goalie Craig Anderson took shots during Monday’s shoot-around.

3. Hello Michael Vick.  Wow.  The gaudy statistics aside, that performance last night was possibly more aesthetically pleasing than anything.  Anyone who might have predicted that the nation’s pariah/public enemy #1/anti-christ (remember, he really was all these just two years ago) would have become a run-away choice for league MVP would have been fed to the……
Sorry.  I can be a little cheeky at 4 in the morning

2. Dancing With the Stars is now just a week away from the Finals.  Last night was pretty darn good and the remaining four dancers were sharp and impressive for much of the 90 minute show.  I hate to be the broken record, but Bristol Palin, again, underwhelmed.  However, the country’s DWTS’ “voting populace” and the Tea (Bagger) Party nation obviously love her.  Her mom is legendary with some really stupid comments as part of the pre-dance production segments that spotlight the contestants.

“They might say mean things about you.  But dog gone it, you might as well dance!”  Insightful, Mrs. Palin.  Thanks for that.

Not to hate on Bristol (who should be commended for her courage), but for the sake of competitive validity everywhere, she better not make week’s finals. 

1. AFC West Round-Up/Daily Broncos Looksie in One!
How the 3 H’s are bringing back the rivalries in the AFC West.  History, hate and hurt feelings seem to be pumping life back into the divisional rivalries.  One week after the Raiders and Chiefs played a hard-fought (sometimes dirty) often penalized game (with first-place on the line), the Denver/KC game from Sunday has “piled on” so to speak.  While Chiefs Head Coach Todd Haley is obviously a jerk, I appreciate him “fanning the flames” on a recently dormant rivalry with his petty handshake denial.  While I can’t speak to the behavior of the players on the field, I thought the Broncos played out that game with class (which they didn’t have to) and in no way ran up the score.  With four divisional games left for the Broncos, including next week’s big Monday Night Football game in San Diego, and a lot of divisional parity, things might be pretty interesting in the division everyone loves to hate on.

PS-Gonzaga hosts a very strong San Diego State team in Spokane tonight at 9 PM MST on ESPN2.  Some other really good college games precede that through out the day on the ESPN family of networks.


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