Monday, January 10, 2011

The Good and Bad in Colorado Basketball

No Broncos?  No Ten.  Let’s go.


5. With no Friday or Saturday game for the Denver Nuggets, the Carmelo Anthony rumor mill got churned up again, and things appear to be on the precipice of actual action.  This time New Jersey appears to have gotten the Detroit Pistons involved.  The rumored deal included packaging Chauncey Billups with his counterpoint (guard) Devin Harris coming back with Derrick Favors, two first-round draft picks and a few other “money-balancing” players of little note (aside from Anthony Morrow, who I like).  Fortunately and unfortunately, it seems that CB is trying to nix the deal, stating again, his long-term wishes to not only end his career as a Nugget, but also with the hopes that he can step into the team’s front-office upon retirement.  I had this exact same conversation last season (part of a feature I wrote) and his desire to become a player personnel/general manager was genuine.  He is intelligent (about both business and the game), a local legend and very well respected around the league-all attributes that would serve Billups well in a front-office capacity.  For the long-term health of the Nuggets, Melo NEEDS to be traded, however, on the same token, long-term, CB NEEDS to stay.

There obviously is a lot of smoke (ie. fire) surrounding this situation, but all of the individual players’ and teams’ demands might just hold things up.

4. Oh yeah, the Nuggets did get back onto the court following their brutal two-game Cali-road-trip.  The New Orleans Hornets entered the town in a snowstorm, but the visitors had no trouble acclimating to an opposition that looked as listless and punch-less as they had just days earlier.  The Hornets grabbed an early lead, built a sizable second-half advantage and held on for a 96-87 win.  Many of those in attendance (or watching at home) thought a deal for Carmelo was being ironed out courtside at Pepsi Center.  Melo had his worst game of the year and was booed pretty mercilessly during a 3rd quarter substitution.  To this point, I believe this situation has been handled pretty well for all of those involved, but it was destined to get a bit sticky as the trade deadline (February 24th) approached.  Right about now, though, it looks like this team is slathered in honey.

3. College basketball had a crazy Saturday of upsets and “front-and-center” was a little ballgame up in Boulder.  The Colorado Buffaloes hosted the #8-ranked Missouri Tigers and sparked by sophomore guard Alec Burks’ (who we’ve talked a lot about in this space) career high 36 points, took the Big 12 opener, winning 89-76.  Please feel free to browse my notes and game recap scribbled from my courtside perch at the Coors Events Center.  Several highlights can be taken from the win, but more than anything, having a legitimate Division-I team in our state will do just fine for me.

Other ranked teams taking a weekend plunge were Kansas State (team missing key player(s) and in crisis), Michigan State (not living up to their talent level), Georgetown (3 Big East losses dampen their impressive out-of-conference start), Central Florida (wait, who?), Vanderbilt (a developing team that will scare some come March), Kentucky (of course, very young and therefore prone to be upset) and Texas (just lost in overtime to an equally quality opponent).  Luckily, this isn’t college football, where these teams’ new goal becomes qualifying for the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl.

PLAYER ALERT should have naturally broken down Alec Burks based on his Saturday performance alone (with all due respect to Kemba, it was the BEST game I’ve seen from a college kid all year), but I’ve decided to save some material for later works.  In his place, I will break down the play of Georgia junior forward Trey Thompkins.  A double-digit scorer since he first stepped foot in Athens, Thompkins is a developing player that has become more selective with his shooting all while scoring more points.  As a freshman, he was a volume shooter; now he shoots 51% from the floor.  At 6-9 and almost 250, Thompkins is not a proto-typical power forward, rather a hybrid that likes to score from the perimeter, work the midrange but also occasionally post a guy up.  He reminds me a lot of former Laker (current Clipper) and Illinois graduate, Brian Cook.   They both have that ability to bring their opponent out of the paint to knock down shots and each is adept enough with the ball to blow by their man off the dribble.  Thompkins has scored in double-figures in every game this year and his offensive game was integral to the Bulldogs upset on Saturday over Kentucky.  Thompkins considered making the jump to the NBA last year, and by all accounts, his decision to return should allow him to move up the draft board even more come next spring.

2. Another game, another loss for the Colorado Avalanche.  Fortunately it was worth a point (as it ended in overtime) but in all truthfulness, it appeared the Avs would come away with no points.  That is, until Milan Hejduk lit the lamp with just four seconds remaining in regulation.  The road does not get any easier, as a rematch tonight with the Detroit Red Wings awaits the Avs.  Anyone here going to be in the house?

1. The Daily Broncos’ Looksie spent the weekend denying the rumors that we don’t like Tim Tebow and that we want to trade him.  Oh wait, that was John Elway’s weekend. A rough start for the newly-minted Sr. VP of Player Personnel, as this “misunderstanding” came on the heels of #7’s insistence that Head Coaching candidate Mike Mularkey’s first name was Mark.

PS-While I would never suggest consorting with Oakland Raiders, if we really do lose Champ Bailey, I fully endorse going after Namdia Asomugha.



  1. Re-sign Champ, Go get Asomugha, got Dumervil coming back, draft 2-3 D-lineman and this thing is turned around a lot quicker. I know, I'm asking for a lot.
    Remarks above are why I haven't cared about the Nuggets all season. I like the sounds of the trade. Bye bye Melo, may your career be a resemblence of the Nets franchise! But hey, at least your marketable.
    Watched most of the Buffs 2nd half. Hold court at home and should be an At-Large bid. Although, when was the last time they won a Big XII away game????

  2. Burks legitimized his NBA prospect status against Mizzou - you were on the money with that one YB. Looking forward to his "feature" on MHSV. We need to move Melo ASAP. From what I've been reading, this seems like a steal for us. Would love CB to stick around, but I'm going to have to overlook this from the bigger picture view...I don't think having him around (in any capacity) makes or breaks anything in the next couple of years for the Nuggets. We can always hire him in the front office later on. Looking forward to watching Melo whine more and play D less as a Net sooner than later. Agree with Riggins on Bcos personnel, but to be more specific I think we should switch to a 4-3 defense and get Haynseworth either for pennies on the dollar from the Skins or when he goes on waivers after they flat out cut him. Then, either draft Bowers at D End or Fairley at DT. Our front four is Ayers, Haynesworth, Fairley / Bowers and TBD. Sick. Would prefer Bowers as D Ends like that seem hard to come by. Dumervil also plays well in that scheme - 26 sacks in his first 3 seasons in 4-3. Get Champ and Asomugha, fill in the holes with our better guys and/or some FAs that may be a good deal (Lamar Woodley, Barret Ruud). I'll be in the can tonight for some revenge on the Wings at the Can. War "customer" events in a fully stocked suite.

  3. If the Avs play like they have the last couple, that suite had better be very well stocked to make it through the night, HS. Watched almost all of the Buffs triumph Sat. Nice to see the Buffs actually come away with a win instead of competing and playing a solid game against a tough opponent.

    And the Little Pony in town to sign his papers has my heart nice and warm on this wintery cold day.

  4. Oh, and I hope the Burks to the NBA thing isn't going to happen for at least another year. Seems like he needs a couple more years of seasoning.

  5. Little Pony stepping up from Taco Bell to be a member of the Matty Ice led Gillette Young Guns.
    I guess that is all part of his new-found success.

    I do hope though that this summer we are again treated to an enjoyable assurance from CarGo that he has our tacos "right here".