Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Case of the Tuesday's?

If ever there was a “you mean it’s only Tuesday?” type of day,today is that particular one.  Holy crap.  Really?  It’s only Tuesday?!?


5. Despite several breaking news stories from the ESPN’s reporters’ “sources,” there was no action in the Carmelo Anthony trade front. Like I mentioned yesterday, this trade might not happen anytime soon.  Over a month still separates today from the trade deadline (Feb. 24) so waiting a bit longer might be good for both teams and the prized forward involved.  The New Jersey Nets can take the extra days to attempt to woo Melo (with Russian jet-ski vacations, trips to the future Brooklyn home of the team, etc.).  On the other hand, the Nuggets will ultimately be granted a couple first-round picks (NJ has some extras from past trades) and they surely want the Nets’ own pick, with them currently just two games out of the league’s cellar (aka the team with the most ping-pong balls in the Draft Lottery hopper). 

Although this seems a bit out there, considering what is being discussed involved perhaps the largest player trade in league history, but keeping Melo in Denver might be good for the Nuggets as it might ensure a few more Jersey losses. 

Stay with me here.

If Denver makes the trade now, it could lead to the Nets getting a few more wins (with more experienced talent on the roster) and take a few more of those balls away from the Nuggets.  Is that crazy?  In addition, I read a lot of espn.com yesterday and gave up about midday when I grew tired of the “sources,” many of whom don’t have a clue what is really happening in the teams’ front offices.  Again, I know there is a lot of smoke with this story, but I won’t believe anything until the firemen are called in.

4. The Colorado Avalanche badly needed a win against a quality conference opponent and that was exactly what they got in their impressive 5-4 win over Detroit.  Exactly two weeks removed from out playing (but losing to) the Red Wings, the pattern continued last night, as the home team jumped on the Wings’ back-up goalie early and often.  Matty Duchene scored two 1st period goals (and a beautiful save kept him from getting the natural hat-trick) which helped the Avs build a 5-2 advantage.  #9 better make the All-Star Game.  (The remaining spots will be named later today.)

3. A quiet night in college basketball, save for the one loud chorus resulting from the beat-down suffered by Cub Scouts’ “unofficial team,” the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.  The Bradley Center in Milwaukee was the site, Marquette provided the shellac.  The final difference was 22 points, but the game wasn’t even that close.   

Here’s a thought.  Now with college football and Monday Night Football over for the rest of the winter, can we get our BIG MONDAY back on?  I’m sick of these “quiet” nights.  I also miss the old classic, “Midnight Snack in the WAC.”

PLAYER ALERT has a certain Klay Thompson on its radar today.  Washington State’s 6-6 junior guard has been “getting buckets” since he made the trip north to Pullman.  Just half-way through his third college season, the son of former NBA center, Mychel Thompson, is closing in on 1500 points all while pacing the Cougars to a 12-4 start, which included wins over Gonzaga, Baylor and Mississippi State.  Thompson is a flat-out gunner with one of the nation’s quickest releases (not Ray Allen, yet) and his shooting efficiency has increased significantly over last year’s 20 ppg campaign.  Now a leader of the team, Klay has upped his all-court game this year, as well, becoming more than just a one-trick pony that could knock down three-pointers.  Unofficially, I would bet that he is one of only a handful of guys that is averaging 22 points/5 rebounds/4 assists every night out.  Few players in the nation also have Klay’s on-court awareness or his hoops IQ.  He always seems to be in the right places on defense and his ability to get open/spot up/knock down the shot is arguably the most advanced of any collegiate player.  Stephen Curry comes to mind when pondering an NBA-equivalent, largely due to their similar frames and perimeter scoring prowess.  Klay could have attempted to leap to the league last spring, but obviously made the right move returning.

2. While I did watch the entire fourth quarter of last night’s BCS Championship Game, the game almost slipped by without me even noticing.  The NCAA’s whole “spread the bowls out” thingie is really just a bad idea.  Not only has it been like two months since either Oregon or Auburn had played an actual game, but it has also been another week and a half since New Year’s Day (which SHOULD close the season).  I truly miss the days when New Year’s Day was all about college football.  The excessive increase in the number of bowls has watered everything down to the point that a game like last night’s (which should have been HUGE) was almost lost in the shuffle of a slow sports evening. 

1. The Daily Broncos’ Looksie would like to introduce you to LSU cornerback, Patrick Peterson.  I would never spend a high draft pick on a WR/CB, as they are not “a part” of over half of the offensive plays run in a game.  Translation: they just aren’t that important.  Yes, having a true shut-down corner is nice (we’ve been spoiled) but how many true shut-down guys can you name in the history of the league?  Although, if we stockpile picks and trade back (and lose out of Champ and Namdia), I would be fine with picking this kid later in the first-round.  His size and return skills can’t be ignored, that’s for sure.  Check him out below.

PS-War Auburn Head Coach Gene Chexmix busting out about 15 “War Eagle’s” during his post-game on-field interview.  I guarantee that was directed at all of the Alabama folks that were incessantly squawking “Roll Tide” after their national title last year. 

PSS- Please, check this out, about the most random sports cross-over story I’ve ever seen.



  1. "War Eagle"s were flowing at a pace not unlike a homey with a case of the "you know what I'm sayin'"s.

  2. Love that Peterson's amateur video editor went Jay-Z instead of with the typical "Creedesque" or Staind-type anthem. That will move him up my draft board...you know what I'm sayin.