Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday Delight

Melo, CarGo and Jimmer, oh my!


5. In an inevitable turn of events following the bad game that Carmelo Anthony played on Sunday versus New Orleans, the Denver Nuggets overcame a slow start to mercilessly pound the visiting Phoenix Suns, 132-98.  Aaron Aflalo had a career-high 31 and the team put together a dominating performance after trailing by 12 to end the first quarter.  For the record, Melo really was the only guy who showed up in the two California road losses and he (again, somewhat predictably) finally laid an egg against Hornets.  Personally, I know that one game (whether bad or good) doesn’t mean that much, but boy, does that one game have over 90% of basketball fans in Denver in full-on “hater mode” of the 7-year vet.  7 years of quality hoops, playoff appearances and prolific scoring.  Granted most of these “fans” are predominately football diehards, so every in-game action is dissected like a fourth quarter series in the AFC Championship Game. 

I can’t hate on Melo.  I like him; always have.  I know he’s not perfect on or off the court but I also know that the local basketball team has been increasingly better off because of his presence. 

On the actual reported trade rumors, NOW “sources” are reporting that Melo will never agree to the contract extension with New Jersey (which would be a deal breaker).  Yesterday, much was made by the Nuggets about New Jersey leaking information about possible trades; today it’s those pesky, “league sources” at it again.  Unless you really read about/know the league, you might not know that most of these guys are just associates/friends of certain players.  For example, in this case, one of Melo’s buddies mentions to ESPN writer Chris Broussard that he had never heard Melo ever talk about wanting to play for the Nets.  This is then disseminated to the public as ‘Melo won’t sign an extension with New Jersey.’  Crazy.

Although I write about this situation on a daily basis, I would be fine if nothing else was “rumored” until a deal is actually in place.

4. Just three days after the fact, I must amend my statement that Alec Burks’ game in Colorado’s weekend win over Missouri was the best individual performance I had seen in the college game all season.  I wanted to change it 20 minutes into last night’s BYU/Utah game, just as BYU’s Jimmer Fredette threw in a buzzer-beating half-courter to give him 32 points for the half. 

The PLAYER ALERT watched as the senior point guard finished the night with 47 (missing a break-away dunk in there, too) in the Cougars’ 104-79 win, but did his damage in a variety of ways.  He obviously was flexing his ridiculous range, hitting several deep 3’s, but he was also penetrating and finishing amongst the trees.  I have been a big fan of Fredette’s since he first arrived in Provo (I watch WAY too many MWC games) and I have always thought of him in comparative terms with former Piston guard Isiah Thomas.  A deadly scorer that plays well beyond his diminutive size, a ferocious competitor and a confident leader, Fredette will be a solid professional player that will instantly give a team a perfect back-up point to bring in some scoring punch off the bench.  While Jimmer will probably struggle initially with defending the bigger guards of the NBA, his offensive skill set is so highly evolved that his stock will only rise from now until the draft this summer.  One last note, for those assuming that was a magical once-in-a-lifetime performance by Jimmer, the 47 was not even a career high.

In other college news, the Big Ten flexed its collective muscles again, with Penn State’s final-second home win over the Illinois Fighting Illini.  The Lions’ senior point guard, Talor Battle was instrumental hitting big shots in the game’s final few minutes, but it was his driving miss that led to Andrew Jones put-back dunk with less than a second to break the tied score.  The win was the second in a row against a ranked-opponent for PSU and proves the power of home-court advantage in a competitive conference.  By season’s end, I foresee an 11-team tie at 10-10 atop the conference.  (Side note-I wonder if our former Editor-in-Chief got trampled in the ensuing on-court student celebration.)

Big game tonight for those hoping that there may finally be some legitimate college basketball in Colorado, as the Buffaloes of CU travel to Manhattan (the Kansas version) to take on the struggling Kansas State Wildcats.  To say that the Buffs of the last decade have not fared well on the road, in-conference would be one of the biggest understatements.  This should be a great measuring stick game and one that tips at 7 PM MST on ESPNU.

3. Minnesota, Calgary and Edmonton all lost last night! Of course, the Canucks won.  Tonight, the Avs are in Chicago to face the Blackhawks, another quality opponent that seems to bring the best out in the young Avalanche team.  Our boy, the teenager, #9, Matty Duchene did get that All-Star call yesterday and will be the team’s sole representative at the annual event.  The first of many to come!

2. Carlos Gonzalez was back in Denver yesterday and clad in a nice shiny suit to put his “John Hancock” on his 7 year-$80 million extension.  The deal will keep the Little Pony in a Rockie uniform until at least the 2017 season.  Almost as enjoyable as watching this bona-fide superstar pen his contract was watching his agent, Scott Boras squirm and look about as disconsolate as an agent that just signed one of his young stars to an $80 million deal could look.   Classic.

1. The Daily Broncos’ Looksie wants to quickly examine the search going on for the team’s next head coach.  About a half-dozen or so candidates (including our interim, Eric Studesville) have made their way through Dove Valley and I have to think that John Elway must be leaning in the direction of former Bronco player and assistant, Rick Dennison.  The CSU great and Fort Collins native has proven himself at every coaching level and his new boss’ familiarity would only make the transition (and return to the zone-blocking scheme) that much smoother.  He’s got my vote!



  1. This is probably obvious, but I'm thinking a lot of the Nugs fans' frustrations with Melo might have less to do with his play on the court and more to do with his holding the team's season hostage, since it's pretty much a given we are not presently watching the team that will resemble the team that will end the season (and maybe play in the playoffs). Knicks or Nets? If the suppossed reason for wanting to leave Denver was to get into the NY market, but you are too picky about which team it is and are screwing the Nuggest in the process, I can't back the dude any longer.

    I guess I'd be all right with the Dennison hire. Definitely not my first choice, but it appears the field is pretty limited.

    Much respect to the Pony and Matty D for brightening the sports landscape around here.

    C'mon super Buffs!!!

  2. I think TD nailed the fans sentiments on Melo and the Nuggets exactly. We all loved him for 7 years, rooted for him for 7 years, hated the Lakers for 7 years - we would have stayed married to him for his entire career, but "rumors" are that he found someone else. The probelm is that he won't just come out and say it even though it is now known as fact. Now it is starting to become a bad, drawn out, messy the fans and other players expense. Every day that goes by it seems he will get more in the divorce settlement even though it was his choice to bail. And that is my bad marriage analogy for the day. Just show us the team we'll be rooting for until the end of the year. I actually like the John Fox possibility for HC - I am probably in the minority, but he's got a winning record as an NFL head coach, winning record in his division, winning playoff record and he's been to a Super Bowl. His GM / owner in Carolina gutted the team and they had a terrible season...I can overlook it.

  3. I would be very down with John Fox, as well.

  4. Foxy Boy would be ok in my book too. Since he lives in yogabody's backyard, we can constantly feed him advice. I'm sure I lost just about everyone on that one (with the possible exception of DT).