Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just Stopping In

Hello to everyone!  I am having some car/driveway issues this morning and could not find the time to put together my normal Mile High Five.  Needless to say, the big winners on the night were the Buffaloes of Colorado University.  Despite a sub-par shooting night by star guard, Alec Burks and a double-digit first-half deficit, the Buffs got an impressive 74-66 win at Kansas State. 

Big ups to local Arapahoe High School product, Levi Knutson, whose six 3-pointers (and 20 points) were instrumental in keeping the Wildcats at bay.  Simply put, wins on the road in this conference will mean NCAA Tournament berths and a seed somewhere between #4-8.  I will keep my fingers crossed that the Buffs can continue their strong play, make the tournament and then get placed in the Denver region. 

Oh yes, you know that I already have my media credential requests in-line for that Thursday/Saturday at the Pepsi Center!



  1. I'm thinking "Tad is Rad" becomes the saying around these parts. T-Shirts for the tourney in Denver perhaps? Good luck there with the snow on Shadow Mountain. Sounds like somewhere a super hero is from, never really thought about that before now...hopefully you're driving the Batmobile (or a Volvo).

  2. Foxy Boy in the house! HS, I think I can agree this is the best pick of the litter..that orange tie he showed up in must have put him over the top.

  3. Pretty big fan of this hire and in my power rankings he was #1 - and, yes, even Drew Soy...we'll just call him that, made an emarassingly big deal about the tie. I'll be tuning in for the heavily anticipated follow-up banter about the neon orange tie with Drew and Adele tonight. Now to the 4-3 D and signing Haynesworth!

  4. 9News is for wimps.

    Orton for Haynesworth?

  5. What, you a channel 4 guy? That was one of 6 local news broadcasts I'll catch this year. Occassionally forced to watch as my wife is a PR gal. I'll den Soicher. My gut is that Foxy might return KO behind center. If we do go the Tebow route, I like that trade though.

  6. What do you like, Fleer? I believe the YB is Daybreak on the Deuce guy. I'm a 9News slave for some reason. Must be the weather / traffic team, because I loathe Drew Soy and I'm no huge fan of anyone else in that role either. They should bring back Green and Zapollo to do sports....9 News' glory days.

  7. I also enjoy, the Duece's 7 PM evening newscast, which used to include Drew Soy's much more competent twin brother, Mark.

    Channel 4 does, however, have the best sports department.