Friday, January 14, 2011


“It’s Friday, you ain’t got no job…….”

I hope everyone is feeling good today.  Let’s go way…..


5. For the second straight game, the Denver Nuggets played beautiful team basketball, built a monstrous lead and were able to rest their starters during a 4th quarter cakewalk.  Last night, it was the Miami Heat (sans a gimpy LeBron James) that fell victim to a motivated Nugget squad, by a score of 130-102.  These past two performances naturally lend itself to the “why does Carmelo want to leave this team?” argument (and one that Mike “The Czar” Fratello even pondered last night during a 3rd quarter Nugget run).  Part of me is starting to be curious about how this team would finish the season if no alterations were made to the roster and they were allowed to play out the string.

If you weren't able to watch last night's game or saw the highlights, here is that reverse lay-up gem by Nuggets' guard, JR Smith.  As usual, the kid pushes the "ridiculousness envelope."

4. Melo’s most desired location, the New York Knicks, are again, attempting to insert themselves into this deal.  Memphis’ OJ Mayo has now been thrown in as a possible piece coming to Denver, alongside a draft pick they might acquire by moving forward Anthony Randolph.  Mayo, however, has already stated that he does not want to come to Denver. (Funny, seeing how this is coming from a kid that grew up in West Virginia and now lives in Memphis.  That’s funny to me.)   

For his part, Melo has again, “guaranteed” that he would be in a Nugget uniform for this Saturday/Sunday’s back-to-back games, but stopped short of going any farther.  While I would love to hear the surprise of the century, “MELO SIGNS DEAL TO STAY IN DENVER,” it now appears that a deal might already be in place.  Melo’s “guarantees” leave me feeling that he actually DOES know if/when he will be taking his talents out of the Mile High region.  By this time next week, Melo might finally be donning a new uniform.  I hope I’m wrong.

I must encourage you to venture away from my site to check out ESPN’s Bill Simmons’ recent piece on Carmelo.  I know that the Sports Guy is not adored by all, but his grasp of the NBA (and its history) is of the highest caliber and I find his writing some of the most enjoyable and at the same time easiest to read. 

3. In the world of big-time college basketball, I find it hard to call any conference home-win, an upset.  You are supposed to hold serve at home.  Regardless of those useless in-season, national rankings, when you play at home against your “contemporaries,” you should win.  Those that cannot pull off this feat are those that continually reside in their respective league’s basement.  Last night, teams like Stanford, Oregon, California and Minnesota held serve against “superior” opposition and in the process gave their conferences increased legitimacy.  (For the record, our PLAYER ALERT focus from earlier this week, Klay Thompson dropped an impressive 36 in the Cougs’ overtime loss in Berkeley.)  The Minnesota Golden Gophers got their home win at The Barn over Purdue (again, NOT an upset) but one Boilermaker was especially visible with a 29/11 night.

The PLAYER ALERT wants to break down the play of Purdue forward/center, JuJuan Johnson.  The 6-10 senior has improved on an annual basis and has truly evolved into one of the country’s most dangerous big men.  The Indianapolis native has several skills which should be attractive to NBA squads looking to add frontcourt depth.  In addition, to his craftiness around the painted area (his left-shoulder turn-around is his best weapon) Johnson is developing a competent perimeter game, even extending out beyond the three-point line.  He has a high shot release, has the aforementioned improving perimeter game and has played on a winner his whole life.  His library of post moves is not vast, but he is effective and athletic around the rim.  Johnson also could use a little more bulk as he prepares to bang against the league’s largest bodies.

2. So, are the New York Rangers the best hockey team in all of the NHL?  Their record might not bear that out, but they somehow figured out a way to beat the Vancouver Canucks; a near impossible feat, as of late.  The Colorado Avalanche, on the other hand, who currently cling to the last Western Conference playoff spot, have an important “bounce-back” game tonight in the Twin Cities with the Wild.  Chris Stewart?  Come on down!  And if you can, keep your gloves on your hands and focus on putting the puck in the net.

1. The Daily Broncos’ Looksie is slightly disappointed with the team not hiring Rick “Rico” Dennison (the clear choice of many former Broncos, aside from the one that does the hiring) but yesterday’s naming of former Carolina head, John Fox should be applauded.  He was clearly the best option with past head coaching experience and his defensive background and grasp of the 4-3 should be perfect as the team makes that transition back from the 3-4. 

Trade Kyle Orton for Albert Haynesworth, draft Da’Quon Bowers to be opposite of Elvis Dummervil and suddenly the team has a formidable defensive line.

PS-Here is another Rick Reilly article worth reading.  If you like Jay Cutler bashing, you’ll love this!  GO SEAHAWKS!!!



  1. Fox is a great hire. He has great ties...neckties that is. I commend Elway for not going sentimental. We got the best guy with his hat in the ring. And as you know, HS loves the 4-3 scheme and the potential addition of Haynesworth. Like your call on the potential trade. Really would be excited to see Bowers wearing a Broncos hat on draft day. Really excited. Wish Bron Bron would have played last night to see how the Nuggies would really stack up with Melo to the NBA's "best." If there was an outside shot of Melo sticking around, I would think a nice W over a fully stocked Heatles team would have made him ponder at least for a moment. But, it was not to be...Reilly's Cutler article is awesome, but in a different way for me. More in a way that I appreciate the discipline of the Patriots robotic relationship to the media, I appreciate Cutler's consistent and intentional disregard for everyone's acceptance. I hope he wins a Super Bowl. The last reporter exchanges quoted in that article are incredible. The irony is that with Cutler you know what you're gonna get. With Reilly you don't - his flip-flopping opinions toward his alma mater, the Broncos and other local Colorado dealings leave a worse taste in my mouth than Cutler ever will. Not to mention he followed through on one of the lamest book concepts of all time which should discredit him from having a meaningful opinion in real sports. Hopefully Simmons never stuffs live animals in his pants just for a book - I still love that guy. Now I'm done.

  2. With all due respect, HS, the reasons for hating Cutler go well beyond the media aloofness. I agree and don't care too much about that (although it does underscore his general hateability). However, the stories about his meetings with Elway and Lynch are far more telling and reason to hate. That, and of course the fact that seemingly every game I attended at Mile High when he was a starter were riddled with horrible interceptions and ultimately resulted in home losses. I swear he was hungover for half the games I attended - especially a certain game against Miami where the game was over in the first quarter due to his insistence on throwing right to defenders. I do look forward to the prospect of Cuntler vs Rodgers in the NFC title game. That would have me pretty glued to the tv. So, I would say his jackassery is a good thing for the league. A very polarizing fellow who people like or love to hate. The Hastings quotes are pretty great too.

    All of that said, I do agree with your Reiley assessment. Hard to take that guy seriously on any, he seems like a Dodgers fan.....

  3. Oh, I love the return of Stewie...very big game tonite....

  4. Where is the Monday column? Are you too upset that both teams that you called Fakers are in their conference finals? Was watching Cutler win a playoff game too much for you to stomach. At least you have John Fox's staff hires to look forward to.