Tuesday, January 18, 2011

People Had to Work Yesterday?

Let’s get right to it!

5. Contrary to the popular belief that the reason there was no Monday Mile High Five was due to the fact that the two teams I’ve called “fakers” (CHI/NYJ) all year made the conference title game, yesterday’s lack of posting had much more to do with spending the MLK holiday with my family.  Also, keep in mind that I don’t really watch the NFL playoffs when the Denver Broncos are not involved; just have trouble watching these other “fakers” play meaningful football in January. 

Congratulations Jay!  You beat a sub-.500 team that even the “2nd worst team in the NFL" beat by 17!  The Jets win was, I guess, impressive considering their opponent, but I am certain that the season will end poorly for the Bears.  (ie. ONCE THEY PLAY A TEAM OF ANY QUALITY!)  Oddly enough, the one second of playoff football I watched (or happened to stumble upon) was a first half red-zone pass by our good friend, Jay that looked to be deliberately thrown directly at Seattle defensive back, Justin Babineau.  In true D-back fashion, however, the ball was dropped. 

“I don’t always throw interceptions, but when I do, I prefer the redzone.” 

4. Also somewhat contrary to the reported opinion, Carmelo Anthony is not only still a Denver Nugget, but he has also guaranteed being in a Nugget uniform all week!  In addition, the forward has denied reports that he has a meeting today with the New Jersey Nets.  While I don’t entirely trust him on those words, his “guarantee” has me wondering if there is truly something already in place with Jersey.  I assume there will be some more worthless “breaking news” coming out this week, but with still over a month left until the trade deadline, “we could be here a while.” 

As a team, the Nuggets finally came down to earth on Sunday.  Following three straight 30-point drubbings, the Nuggets were taken down by a superior Spurs team in San Antonio.  The team is still six games over .500 and is entrenched in the 7th spot in the Western Conference.  Where they will be come spring time, however, is still largely based on the geographical whereabouts of Carmelo.

3. 47!?!?  I mean, are you kidding me?!?!  The dunks have been legendary (and plentiful, as his 92 total lead the NBA) but the Clippers Blake Griffin even outdid himself in the Clippers’ win yesterday afternoon over Indiana.  An NBA-season high 47 (on just 24 shots) from a kid just 40 games into his professional career is the next astonishing thing on his resume.  Backing up wins against the league royalty (Lakers, Spurs, Heat) with one over the lowly Pacers is big for this up-and-coming young team, currently sitting at 15-25. 

Yesterday, though, Blake was attacking the rim, knocking down open jumpers and was hitting several 15-foot bank-shots from the wing that would have made even Tim Duncan blush.  With the Rookie of the Year already in the bag, the forward currently at 4th in Western Conference voting, realistically should be an All-Star in his 1st season.  Or maybe the league will force him into playing in the rookie/sophomore game.  I guess it goes without saying, but “Blake, I’d like to introduce you to your limit.  It’s that big blue thing up in the air.”

2. Big Monday is back!!!  Pittsburgh beats Syracuse and UConn takes down Villanova on a last-second Kemba Walker shot.  With seven ranked Big East teams, last night was the perfect way to kick-start the return of ESPN’s “best” Monday evening programming.  Elsewhere around the country, Ohio State moved into the #1 spot following Duke’s loss last week at Florida State, but don’t get too comfy, Buckeye fans.  With a crowded conference (filled with plenty of tough road games) and upcoming games at Illinois and versus Purdue, a loss is surely eminent, and fortunately, not season-ending. 

But, don’t fret though, rankings don’t matter!!!  You hear me, Colorado Buffalo fans, right?!?!  Get off that ledge!  Although, having a strong ranking does usually help on Selection Sunday, even then they can be largely ignored by the committee (ie. a couple years ago when Gonzaga finished the regular season in the 15-18 range, but still were given a 7/8-seed).  But seriously, a sold-out crowd in Boulder this past Saturday, saw a gutty come-from-behind victory over Okie State for the now 3-0 (in Big 12) Buffs.  Down 12 midway through the second half, the Buffs willed their way back into the game with a mix of defense and timely scoring.  They are back at it again, with two winnable road games this week, starting tonight when they travel to Lincoln to face Nebraska before heading to Oklahoma this weekend.

Just a quick note about the landscape of conferences in college basketball and which ones are truly, elite.  It’s a given that the Big East, Big Ten and Big 12 are easily the top three in the nation, but which is next?  All biases aside, I submit to you, the Mountain West.  From top-to-bottom and specifically at top-flight teams (BYU, SDSU, UNLV), I can’t say that the SEC, ACC or the Pac-10 can really stand up to the quality that is going on out here.  For the record, it’s a pretty quiet week in the MWC, but things get ratcheted up next week when San Diego State travels to Provo to meet the BYU Cougars. 

1. Seeing as how I have already spent some time on the NFL, I might as well mention myself getting a big victory in the 2nd week of this year’s Bushwood Country Club fantasy golf league.  That’s right fellas!  “What time you due back at Boys’ Town!?!?!”

PS- Welcome back Eric Studesville!  Yes, you weren’t hired as the next head coach, but at least you got your old job back, right?

PSS-Go get ‘em tonight, Avalanche!  Big one with the Vancouver Canucks at the Can!



  1. Well since it sounds like you haven't watched the NFL playoffs in a long, long time, you might need to be reminded that the Bears didn't get to choose their playoff opponent last weekend. I don't know why everyone looks to their opponent as a way to bash the Bear because they did not have a choice in the matter. Yes, the Seahawks were bad but the Bears took care of business unlike the Saints and Cutler played in his first playoff game and looked pretty comfortable.

    Is Cutler a great QB, no but his potential is scary and with a good D behind him the Bears could win the Super Bowl this year. Defense is something that the Broncos gave up on long ago which meant that Cutler had to chuck it everywhere in order for them to have a chance to win. He still makes me nervous but he is a good QB despite what all of the Broncos fans say.

    Also, the Bears have beaten two of the three remaining teams in the playoffs so I don't get all of the pot shots at them. There aren't any dominate teams this year so everyone has a chance. Haters are gonna hate no matter what I guess.

  2. I happened to agree with IDD on this. More to come on KTH which I feel is a more appropriate arena for my swearing...I was landing in LA for work when Blake and his Clippers were going NBA Jam + Street Fighter on the Lake Show. Best NBA rookie in 20 years...maybe.

  3. Big picture on Cutler, I agree with you guys, as well. Remember that before high school, I was a diehard Packer fan, so hating on the Bears comes really natural. (Akin to my current disdain for Raiders/Chiefs.)

    I tried to be a Cutler fan while he was here (even buying my then 2-year-old a #6) but his on/off field stupidity/arrogance was tough to get behind. Every time i see that pouty, sidelined, shoulder pad grab, I wince. I don't miss him.

  4. I get that Cutler doesn't fit the mold of what we want in our starting QB. He is a dick and doesn't care if people think that about him. People want their QB to be a leader, a role model, a spokesperson and a superhero. Cutler will never be as engaging as Peyton Manning but if he keeps getting the Bears to the playoffs then I could care less if he doesn't interview well. The dude doesn't like to lose and that's all right with me.

  5. Then, Cutler must not like his chosen profession, as his combined college/pro record of 45-69 must really piss him off.

    Yes, the Vandy record skews the total a bit, but he still hasn't won more than he has lost as a pro.

    Personally, I don't care much about the lack of "Peyton"-esque qualities and I don't need my QB to possess all those skills (i imagine most of them are "dicks",) but I could deal with a bit more than the pouty shoulder-pad grab. If it's not obvious, I hate(d) that look, SO MUCH!

    Bummer about the Buffs, eh?